About Us


Formed in 1997, SiteCare is a member of the Optima Investments family of companies.

We have been delivering a broad suite of services, including asset repair, site upgrades, redevelopments, construction, industrial cleaning, and liquid waste management services for the past 20 years, cutting our teeth in the demanding retail and commercial fuels sectors.

At SiteCare we are committed to aligning our organisation, and our experienced team of employees and subcontractors with our clients values and narrative. The enactment of this commitment is presented in the following ways:


We understand needs,

  • We listen and learn from our people and integrate people’s specific strengths into our service delivery

We collaborate,

  • We work closely with all individuals and organizations across the supply chain. Our aim is to work as a team with a high level of communication to deliver the best product to the client

We innovate,

  • SiteCare prides itself on “out of the box” thinking and solving problems creatively to continually improve safety performance, save costs, and be more efficient. Being agile and resilient are key values we hold close in our tight-knit team.

We unlock value,

  • SiteCare adds value to all steps of the project life cycle and use our experience to ensure the workflow is seamless.


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