About Us

SiteCare is an Optima Investment Group Company, a privately held New Zealand investment company. (www.optimainvestments.co.nz) Established in 1954, Optima has a focus on the growth and development of a portfolio of companies across a number of markets.

SiteCare established in 1997, focusses on improving and maintaining the environmental systems on sites throughout New Zealand, we undertake site maintenance and project management services for a wide range of clients.

Cutting edge mobile dewatering technology enables our clients to meet and exceed their environmental & waste management responsibilities, ensuring that New Zealand’s waterways aren't damaged by sediment and other pollutants.

SiteCare provides nationwide services for the collection of interceptor waste from service station forecourts and carwashes, truckstops and commercial sites ensuring these facilities meet environmental requirements.

Through regular site cleaning to remove contaminants and interceptor waste, New Zealand’s waterways remain free of pollutants.

SiteCare operate formal waste tracking systems that provide an audit trail confirming all waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner through certified waste collection points.

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