SiteCare Projects

At SiteCare we are specialists at undertaking complex, diverse and geographically spread projects throughout New Zealand. Our team of project managers, our systems and our focus on health, safety and environmental best practice ensures that we can be relied on to deliver a great outcome for our clients.


De-watering Service

SiteCare has been delivering Liquid Waste Programmed Maintenance services for the past 20 years, cutting our teeth in the demanding retail and commercial fuels sectors where we maintain drainage and separator systems nationally.

We have built a strong reputation for consistency and service quality which has resulted in steady growth over the past 20 years; a growth supported by the fact we have maintained long term partnerships with our customers.

We consider ourselves as a leader in tailoring solutions, building long term relationships and pursuing innovative approaches to achieve smarter and sustainable outcomes. Our operational portfolio consists of a combination of Programmed Maintenance and Project services.


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Underground Environmental Management

SiteCare has an established team that has considerable experience and proven performance in Underground Environmental Management.  

The collective knowledge and skills of our team are key credentials of SiteCare’s service offering and is presented as an enabler of successful project delivery, specifically addressing the deliverables of client projects. 

An environment has been created within this team that breeds high-performance, but also encourages personal growth and development. Team members are constantly given opportunity to take on new responsibilities, gain new skills and knowledge, and demonstrate their continually increasing capability and value, while all within a controlled environment. 

Our team is enthusiastic and excited about delivering your next project to the highest standard. 


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National Roll out Projects

SiteCare is a key provider of maintenance and installation projects, coupled with a supporting respond and fix and programmed service delivery capability

We are confident that SiteCare is appropriately experienced and resourced to deliver projects to a high standard and has shaped its business to allow the most pointed, efficient, and sustainable delivery model in today's projects environment.

Most tangibly, our commitment is demonstrated by dedicated Project Management teams, consisting of experienced Project Managers, who are supported by our dedicated Technical Manager, and project administrators which bring a depth, and capacity to the project delivery sector of our business.


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Waste Water Ponds

SiteCare was commissioned to remove sludge from 5 wastewater ponds in Ohope. This project was completed reducing the waste to landfill by approximately 80% utilising our dewatering technology. A key component in this project was the reduced impact our process had on the surrounding environment.

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Yashilli Dairy

SiteCare currently provides liquid waste removal for Yashilli Dairy, reducing levels of waste removed from the factory by 80%, reducing landfill disposal and providing a sustainable environmentally friendly solution to waste management.

Mobil Oil New Zealand

SiteCare provides project management to Mobil Oil New Zealand for site redevelopments including re-tanking, site development and health & safety management of on site contractors.