Drainage and Trade Waste


At SiteCare we are driven by our absolute commitment to support businesses

within New Zealand to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, while providing

a sustainable alternative that enables a reduction in their environmental footprint.


SiteCare provides nationwide coverage for the servicing of trade waste and

stormwater treatment facilities at manufacturing sites, commercial sites,

service stations, and council properties, ensuring these entities effectively

manage their requirements and meet both their local and national environmental



We bring innovation to our clients through specialised equipment and technical experience.

An example of such innovation is the ability to treat and remove contaminates from the

waste water on site, and return the cleansed water to its source.


We utilise real-time technology allowing you to have the maintenance report in your inbox before the service vehicle drives out of the gate

Environmentally Sustainable

These service records provide you and compliance officers with assurance that you are meeting your consent conditions, and operating and environmentally sustainable business.


Our service doesn't end once we have left site, we can provide you with consolidated reporting on your liquid waste management, and statistics on your waste reduction achievements.

Waste Tracking

Our end to end waste collection, transport and disposal service, is governed by our robust waste tracking system ensuring that all waste removed from site is disposed of appropriately and responsibly. We can also give you visibility of where the waste you created and own has been disposed of.


The safety of our people and those we interact with is extremely important to us. SiteCare has a sound history of demonstrating strong health & safety standards that exceed expectations set by our clients and regulatory authorities. We will support your safety initiatives by bringing a consistent, disciplined approach to the work we undertake on your behalf.

Customised Programme

We can construct and deliver a customised programme nominating the best service frequency and scope specific to your site and operations. This ensures the most responsible, efficient and economic solution is applied to your liquid waste management needs.

Certainty of Cost

We understand that certainty of cost is important, and accordingly can provide an upfront quote, and fixed price service programs that remove the risk of unexpected costs, and empower you to accurately budget and forcast your liquid waste management spend.

Get in touch

We invite you to discuss how our liquid waste solutions can best benefit your organisation today, and perhaps how our wider services of industrial steam-cleaning and maintenance, building, property and grounds care, and project services can further add to these benefits.