Municipal Facility Servicing

SiteCare provides specialty services for the regular on-site collection and dewatering of municipal waste.

This service is ideally suited to Waste Water Treatment Plant maturation ponds, Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) from Batch Reactors, and Septic Tanks.

Our high-capacity dredges extract sludge from the floor of maturation ponds, pumping it to shore where the slurry is dewatered, and solids captured in fully sealed hook containers. These bins are then uplifted and transported to a sustainable disposal facility.  

Our self-contained dewatering trucks provide an extremely efficient and effective solution for the removal of waste from Batch Reactors and Septic Tanks, particularly through significantly reduced waste volumes being transported.


Other benefits of this innovative solution include

    Significantly less site visits and mileage required due to the high-volume


    Dewatered sludge can be delivered direct to a zero waste facility

        (worm farm, composting, bio-digester)

    No requirements to double-handle waste through centralized

        treatment plants

    Low noise during removal and silent during dewatering 

    Fully sealed system from extraction, dewatering, and

        cartage - mess free and no odour release

    Modular and scalable to meet demand in peak periods